Saturday, July 25, 2015

St-Pol #3: how to get inside?

A sign had an arrow pointing to the right. When I got there, the caretaker was just turning the key in the lock of the gates to the side porch! I begged my way in, if only to see the richness of that porch.

"Dix minutes," he said. I think he could tell how badly I wanted to see this place. He had a good heart. Once inside he repeated, "seulement dix minutes," 10 minutes only. He was going to lock the main entrance with me inside, all alone! Suddenly, he thought to show me how to get out. We walked quickly to a side door with huge heavy hardware. He showed me how to open it, and left saying he'd be back to lock this door in 10 minutes.

We turned around together and parted ways. I stopped when I saw a statue of who I think was St-Pol, himself, and don't you know, his attribute is my favorite animal, a pig!!!! This felt like a "meant to be" moment.

It was a pretty impressive place. I whizzed around the entire place scanning for anything I had to photograph. The glass was beautiful, but my camera doesn't do it justice. There were interesting tombs of the bishops, and the light was simply amazing in this space. I had the place to myself, why didn't I think to sing to hear the sound?

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