Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dinan, Friday, July 24: coffee

The first thing I did this morning was walk past all the cafes along the port. I stopped at La Maison de Tatie Jeanne, the patisserie just at the crossroads of Rue du Port and Rue du Petit Fort. If I turn left off the port road, I traverse the old stone bridge over the Rance River, and, voila, I'm in another village; if I turn right off the port road, it's straight up cardiac hill. Road of the Little Fort, becomes Rue Jerzual. This is one of the oldest streets in Dinan. In the middle ages, it was home to many tanneries, and now, it's filled with ateliers of painters, potters, jewelery makers, etc.

But, I diverted to the little park just past this side of the bridge, with a small grassy lawn and two benches, to sit and watch the river and eat my pain au chocolat and drink my grand crème.

My first sip, hot coffee all down the from of freshly laundered lime green t-shirt and stripped blouse. Tatie Jeanne hadn't put the lid on tight. Eh, alors!

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