Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday, July 11: Drive to Josselin, or how I got into the Tour de France!

Well, it started out calm. Then on my way to Josselin, on the D766, I began to comprehend a sign I passed saying the Tour de France would be traveling on this road at a certain time.

I realized this when I passed a hay roll hoisted in the air by a tractor, with a dummy on a bicycle on top!

Then I noticed all the cars and people on the sides of the road. I had to stop for a photo of that dummy on a bike. I asked what time the cyclists were coming by. Not for 2-1/2 hours. I thought about staying. I saw the police put up large plastic barriers just after I returned to my car. I thought, should I stay? But in the end, I decided to get on with my day.

The farther forward that I went on the D766, the thicker the crowds got. I just kept driving. BTW, Europcar rented me the official car of the tour! People kind of looked at me oddly, I was the only car on the road. But, no one stopped me.

Not until I was almost in a town. Every time the Garmen tried to reroute me, the road was barricated, so I just continued.

Finally, a gendarme stopped me. He asked where I was going. "Josselin," was my reply. He pointed to a barricaded road filled with people. He told them to move, and to open the gate. He pointed, and said go left, left again and follow signs for Vannes!

I was very greatful, I might have been run down by the pack, causing an international incident. But really, what are the odds of me finding the one road in France that The Tour was traveling on today, at that time?

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