Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dinan: à côté de ma maison, Saturday, July 18

Just across the road is an, hum, auberge(?) for those who are walking, kayaking, rafting along the Rance River. It's filled with lots of colorful umbrellas, one might almost think that one was at the beach or in America. At times this restaurant/hotel has been very animated with people and children, but, it's also been really quiet.

Today, frustrated after working on a 6x8" painting - for hours - along The Rance River Valley Circuit drive, and returning home before the museum lady moves her car from my drive, I decided to just park across the street in this establishment. So I was committed to order something.

It was 4:20pm, so I had something to eat: steak, frites and salad, and cidre. Then I decided to really drown my mood, and have ice cream.

Let me say, the ice cream is something to write home about. I ordered one of their concoctions of two flavors, pistachio (with toasted California pistachios), and cherry. It came with a cherry flavored macaron, and 4 or 5 mountains of chantilly, whipped cream.

I hardly ever eat whipped cream, but it was a favorite of my sister. When she was on chemo, sometimes we would go out, and she'd order just a bowl of whipped cream. But, oh the chantilly here in France is so creamy! Edie Dean, you would love it. I ate maybe two mountains of it, covered in toasted almonds, and three boules du glaces! Ugh!

How will I get across the street? I hope the late in the day café will help me. Drugged on cidre et sucre!

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