Friday, July 03, 2015

Café Crême: July 3, Friday Noon

Here it is, my first cafe creme. It had better be good, I need it.

Had a great day yesterday, walking through the Port de Dinan, and up the cobbled street that must be the one mentioned to me as cardiac hill! It didn't seem too bad. There was much to see and stop to photograph. The street actually reminded me of the medieval cobbled road through Saint Jean Pied-de-Port, where both sides slope down to drain from the low point in the middle of the road. The main difference was in the mood. Here in Dinan, it seemed more colorful. Of course that could have been my internal fears of starting the long climb up and over the Pyrenees. Now, I am on my way to paint. But, I needed coffee. I had a late night, last night, with three young Belgians!

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Ray Hassard said...

OH, I want that café! And how well I remember that hill. I thought it was awfully steep and always had to pause for a moment at the bend in front of the really old half-timbered place, but that gave me a chance to enjoy the surroundings.