Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Road to Léhon #5?

I continued on the road until I came to a couple on a bench. The young man looked hot and tired. They'd just come up the path from Léhon. He told me the way, and off I went into the wooded path, immediately down a steep rocky slope. It leveled out a little, but it was all downhill for quite a while. Then, along the river, I got my first view of the monastary and excitement arose within me. I took photos, and kept walking as directed, toward the bridge. But, I came to an interesting spot, where I thought I'd sit (two blocks of stone placed auspiciously there for me), and I painted.

I was pretty happy when two men of the cloth walked by and said, "Bonsoir Madame."


Peggy Conrad said...

You carried your paint supplies on this trek to Lehon? You are one adventurous hardy artist.
Keep blogging.

Angela Finney said...

Wow, what an experience!