Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 29, Wednesday: the big mistake!!!

Yep, I screwed up.

Not the first time in my life, but I felt very foolish. Just couldn't stop laughing at myself. Literally!

I got my dates wrong, even Martin didn't catch the mistake when we talked about my leaving the little house of the residency.

I painted in the morning at my favorite garden in the port area of Dinan. In the back of my mind was leaving enough time to pack. So, I did an 8x6". I loved my subject, the subject. I could own that garden with the moss covered stone planters!

I was able to sit on the stone wall, with my back against a stone pillar in the sun, with easel sitting on the wall in front of me, and the backpack beside me. Everything was perfect.

The weather did go cloudy, few drops of rain, but it was just perfect. I felt content,  happy.

Just look at my backpack! I had sunflowers in there once, but never a baguette!

Later, I packed my backpack and suitcase, did my little writing assignment for the residency, drew a pen and ink of the house that I'd stayed in for the Livre d'Or, took my bags onto the street to wait for my 17h30 taxi.

It never showed.

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