Monday, July 06, 2015

Road to Léhon, #3

I am sure that this would be a great painting. Bamboo shaped by wind, I expect, and a little house. I wanted to paint, but had no conception how far I'd come, or if the 2km was this detour road, and where it would all end.

The uphill through the forest ended here, at Ollivier's place, complete with crowing rooster, along a modern roadway

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Anonymous said...

Which side of the Rance did you walk on? There was déviation on the non-Dinan side when I was there, left over from two years earlier, they said. But no obstruction on the Dinan side. I walked along the road through the last arch on the tall viaduct, then down into the parking area and a path went off along the Rance. It was so beautiful I made that walk several times. I hope you made it to Lehon. If not, you must try again--its a wonderful spot!