Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dinan drive along the Rance River Valley: St. Suriac, July 16

I stayed home today until 2:30pm. Once I'd talked with my contact, I headed out on the driving tour of the towns around the Rance River. I swear, I cannot make the road numbers on the map match what is on the roundabout signs. Even the Garmen gets confused at times, but if I follow it long enough, I get there. But, at times, the Garmin can't find a village or town I type in, so, I went with the Green Guide and followed as best I could.

I missed some turns, but that is normal. But, I found my way to St. Suriac, which was an old granite fishing village. It's small and lovely, and I was lucky to see the beach at low tide. I decided I had to paint it. Just 6x8" on a linen panel, but it's my favorite painting that I've done so far, informed by the 9x12" painting done at low tide in Cancale. The scene had different colors, it was a sunny afternnon, and the beach was filled with sunbathers and kids.

There was a young boy on the beach, dressed in black beach duds and carrying an orange bucket. He was busy for a very long time going between patches of seaweed, searching for something. When he found it, it went into his bucket. There were also a few beached boats, one with a jewel-like green bottom. Other than the two strong colors, the scene was devoid of strong color. Everything was subtle nuances of tone.

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