Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dolphins and Stars

I have no photos to share, but here are two thrilling moments we have experienced in Ireland.

On the boat to Skellig Michael a school of 30 to 40 dolphins swam in the wake of the Sea Quest for a least 10 minutes. What marvels of nature. One pair were only about 4 - 5 feet from our boat. Watching them jumping in and and out of the waves was joyful. What a lucky few moments.

Later in Westport, as Martin, Gus and I stood outside the house in the deep darkness, the sky opened up before us revealing its mysteries. With light pollution, we rarely see such a sky as this one any longer.

The big dipper seemed to jump out of the sky at me. Magnificent to see the layering of stars, and then Martin said, "There's the Milky Way stretched out over us, and we are sitting on the very fringe of it." It gives be goosebumps just writing about it.

We are justing pulling up at Monasterboise, in the Valley of the Boyne.

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