Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ireland: Portmagee

We are tucked into a three bedroom family cottage, part of the Portmagee Heights B&B. Really nice.

If the weather is good, we take the boat to Skellig Michael, a shale and sandstone rock, where monks built a small monastery to be closer to God. We went to the Skellig Experience center this evening, and some of us are now questioning my decision to take us to this place. The climb to the original monastery is 700 ft., the stairs were carved out of the rock one by one, and are uneven and quite narrow and steep at some places with only about a foot and a half at the edge of the step between you and a sheer drop to the sea below.


We will find out tomorrow at 8:00 am if the boat is going.

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Ray Hassard said...

Sounds like climbing up to see the huge naked man in Sravanabelagola, but with some added thrills. Go for it, it will be fun!