Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ireland: Stones, stones stones

Dingle Peninsula
1. At the entrance to some beehive huts.
2. Tyler and Granddad laying on top of a beehive hut.
3. An ogham stone in 6th c. monestery. I loved this stone and its carvings. The Christians didn't destroy the ancient stones, the just appropriated what was there and put their own marking, i.e., Celtic crosses and letters on the stones.
4. Tyler inside a lime kiln at the monastic site.

Tyler loves these stone sites. Most of them tell you not to climb on the walls, but no one listens. Here, however, he was trying to warn his Mother of loose stones, and all of a sudden we heard the noise of falling stone. Part of the wall collapsed and he slid down with it. The ONLY reason we didn't feel totally upset was that the walls were reconstructed, about two feet tall.

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