Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ireland: Dingle Peninsula

The group sitting inside Cathergall Ring Fort (Iron Age), and a couple views on the way to Dingle town. That evening, we wandered into Dick Mack's pub. I'd never been in anything like it, but Martin said all the pubs he went into as a kid were like this. It had been a store by day, and a pub at night. There were 8 locals sitting, four on bar stools facing four on a low bench. They all had drinks and were talking music. Two women, six men, and eventually they decided on a song to sing a song. Much to our surprise, they sand "On the Banks of the Old Ohio" cmplete with lovely harmony.

We had our drinks, sat at the store counter behind the low bench, more and more folks came in, and it was the start of a great sing song night. Yes, I did sing, several songs.

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