Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ireland: Co. Clare, the Burren, dolmen tomb

Back on the Burren there is another type of grave, a Dolmen, or portal tomb. This one is 6,200 years old, and in use for 1,200 hundred years.

This first photo shows the landscape dotted with wildflowers. The next shows more of the stones.

There was a pathway close by, the is now the road. Everyone passing by would see this tomb and know that someone important controlled the area.

Martin gained a wealth of information from more of a guard, not a guide. He was lamenting the fact that modern man, of late, is so disrespectful of this site, defecating on it, lighting fires inside of it which led to the cracking of one of the stones. Despite the signs to not pick the wildflowers, people do it. He expects that in 10 years in that area the wildflowers could be gone.

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