Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ireland: Co. Galway, the one that got away


Ross Abbey, well, you should know by now my excitement with Abbeys. I saw the red letters and dot for this one on the map, and we were looking for it. We got a good view of it from the road. It was big, and pretty well intact, so I said we had to get to it. We tried one or two small roads, the second of which is where I took this photo. We were actually in someone's farm driveway, but could go no further. There was a rock wall and an electric fence. Gina suggested sliding under the fence. I said no.

We could see a couple people at the ruins, but Martin, eager to get to Westport, refused to look further. We were thwarted, cut off at the knees, and we are still talking about this one, Ross Abbey, the one that got away.

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