Saturday, July 06, 2013

Camino: Day 22, Middle of Nowhere

July 5, 2013, Friday
Not sure, but I think this is the start of our 4th week. When morning is so far apart from afternoon and evening, who can be sure?

We started off this morning with no "formal breakfast". Monica and I had a grenola bar and a piece of fruit. It was 5.7 km to a cafe con leche and a pain au chocolate. Carrion de los Condes is where stage 17 ends, but since we are walking with Abby and her Eagle Scout fiance, Luke, we are doing roughly 20 km a day. To me, this is a more sane schedule. Some numbers will have to be worked on to get us to Santiago by the 24th July. I have a room booked for the 23, 24, 25, but have always been more flexible about our arrival date. If we can walk into Santiago the morning of the 24th, that would be grand.

The 25th is St. JAMES' feast day, and we don't want to miss the celebration. And we don't want to take a bus, which many pilgrims did today to miss the LONG WALK ON THE VIA ROMANA WITH JUST GRASS TO SEE

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