Sunday, July 07, 2013

Camino: Day 24 - I think

Sunday, July 7
We had a nice "cubicle bed" last night. Love those cause you can stash stuff that you need in the morning.

We stayed in Sahagun last night. As I hobbled ip two flights of stairs in my stocking feet, I saw an older woman looking at me shaking her head. Guess I looked as bad as my feet felt. She said, "I looked like that two days ago and the doctor told me to stop walking for five days"

Devils come in all forms to try and break me from the Camino. Two days ago, it was Uli sitting on a curb saying, "Only 1/2 an hour by bus to Sahagun." It took us 2 days to walk there. Now this lady from Brazil with the bad feet.

Of course they could be angels. And then there was this baby bird on the threshold of the albergue. It flew down right in front of us and stayed there.

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