Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camino: Day 28, 10 miles today

We are stopped in a new hostel tonight. A room with two bunkbeds (4 beds). Private bathroom. Heaven.

We are just across from the municipal pool. You had to buy a cap if you were going swimming. I bought three caps for the othets. I just wanted to soak my feet.

Strange thing, it seemed you had to have a bare midriff to count as a bathing suit. I qualified as I had my tee-shirt off and my shorts on. Monica and Abby couldn't get it because they had on shoestring shirts that covered their midriffs?

The drink is called Licor Hierbas. STRONG. We had it in San Juan Ortega, with Veronique in Burgos, but today we have it offered free by our albergue after our meals. This one seems like moonshine is added.

Edie, will try to bring some home.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the El Camino party. I love the colors in these photos!!! One looks like it should be a print or painting. E. ;)