Sunday, July 28, 2013

Camino: foot report July 28, Sunday

I'm on a train to Madrid. I think I should have been on one to Lisbon. We booked the train yesterday in a moment of "indecision", after really having talked little about where we'd go after Santiago and before Madrid. Price was an issue.

This gives us 8 days in Madrid. I was up late last night looking for a tour from Madrid. Janet, my friend from French class tried helping me from America. In the end, I think I found the tour too late. No matter. Pilgrims travel not one day at a time, but one footstep at a time.

This train left Santiago at 14:50 and arrives at 20:19. My pilgrim feet are onboard in the sandals I brought from America.

As I said, the pain in my healing feet was reawakened by my walk to the Finisterre lighthouse and back. Insult to injury takes place again in Santiago on the medieval stone streets and in two museums last evening.

If I stand too long, or pound the feet onto the surface too long, my toe hurts. I think it's just the pressure of weight trying to find it's way out. The heel of that same foot hurts again. Maybe I have a bone spur, or plantar faciaitus? But the last few evenings I am getting a tingling sensation just infront of my heel in the soft part of the foot. Nerves? Pilgrimitis?

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Ray said...

Glad you got out to Finistier, I hope to get there someday. BE careful of those feet!! You'll need them in the Prado and the Sorolla Museum. If you want to make an excursion from Madrid, don't overlook Cuenca, 2 hrs East, busses and trains go there. From the Bus or Train station, Cuenca bus #1 or 2 goes up (and its a steep walk) to the old town where hotels, etc are. Wherever you go, or don't go, Spain is great!!!