Monday, July 08, 2013

Camino: Day 25, July 8

As I said, the Devil comes in many forms. This Devil is one of my favorites, she sings. Carey.

I don't want to disappoint you. Mostly, I don't want to disappoint myself, as my companions will continue on foot. I will feel bad, but, unless I have an epiphany that says , "don't do it," this is my Camino, and I have given much control of it to others.

I don't want to justify this bus trip, 20 minute, and it will take my companions several hours. But, my feet hurt. The bones feel as if they are coming out from the bottom. To get relief from my swollen feet, which causes compression pain on the top of my right foot, I have to loosen my laces. This just leaves me open for blisters, two new ones.

I will take the bus with the Devil, Carey, and rest my feet in the Benetine Covent. I will make some drawings, and even thought I bought two oil brushes in a hardware today, I'd like to have one useful in water.

Love to you all, and if I decide on the bus, don't judge me.


Anonymous said...

You are just being smart. Could be part of you pilgram lessons. What is the point of destroying yourself. Adventure, isn't that the point.

Anonymous said...

Oops, "your pilgram". E

Anonymous said...

There are many of us out here in "space" very much enjoying, sharing vicariously,this walk...your walk of a life-time. Who are WE to judge!!?? It is, after all, your Way. Stay safe.msb

GenoaDeb said...

I am enjoying you walk, but I also think you are bananas. It's supposed to fun. Fun, godmmit! So do what you can and don't sweat the small stuff. Besides, this gives you more time to paint and draw.

Anonymous said...

Yeah have fun! And you are spinning a tale: what is a tale without a twist and a little adversity. Think Shackleton.

Debra Joyce Dawson said...

Thank you to all who posted. Yes it is supposed to be adventure and fun. Amazement for certain. I had a recharge day, saw amazing art, and was back on the trail with a glad heart! Thank you my friends.