Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Oh my God! No wonder my feet hurt! We've walked 192 miles!!!!@@@***

And by the time you get this, more than that!

We couldn't get a bed in Hornillos. So Santi, a really kind man at that hostel, drove us to another hostel. That one was closed on Mondays. So he took us to another. We are about 6 km off the Camino. Not sure where, but after breakfast, we will be driven back to Hornillos and vontinue walking.

We have several days of flat short walks. Short being between 20 - 25 km. Having said that, we had a pretty good climb back up ontop of the Meseta.

I thought you might like to see last night's 'translated into English' menu from last night. I had the lentils and the duck. The photo is of dessert. A soft cheese covered with honey and sesame seed with a slice of homemade marmelade paste with nuts. Yummy.

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