Monday, July 08, 2013

Camino: Day 24, feet

My brother-in-law, John, asked my daughter on Facebook if we've found ourselves.

I've found my feet. For the last 4 days or so, each morning, my feet are swollen.

Luke said he overheard a woman talk about her swollen feet. He thinks it's a woman thing, maybe.

Still I remember years ago when Margaret's brother walked the Camino and the feet swelled.

This water is not as cold as I want, but ir's the best I've had.

Dinner tonight was Luke's Famous Camino Sopa. Sort of like Mrs. Grasses only with stars, and they add more noodles. It's MARVELOUS!

Our contribution is wine and dessert. Tonight you see the wine of the region, and dessert rice cakes with Belgian chocolate followed by Magnum Mini. Total oxymoron!

I wish my feet luck. We had lots of shade, but I fell in my bed and napped for two hours. I hope that the milky way is visible tonighr, but the sky has many clouds, and a lovely strong breeze.

We met a man from Mexico riding a bike. He says he thinks the walkers way is harder, but the bikers are more lonely. That's the Camino.

The ladies next to me are speaking Italiano. It is so much more beautiful than Spanish, but we think that French is the most lovely of these Romance languages.

Passe un bonne nuit.

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