Friday, July 05, 2013

Camino: The Meseta

On July 1, Monday - Day 18, we walked out of Burgos in the mist, but by the time we reached the Meseta, the sun had burned it's way through and we walked in full sun but with a "brisa fresca". A delightful fresh breeze which makes everything seem right!

We had three days on the Meseta. Climb up to walk across the flat grassfields that go all the way to the sky. Then the long steep downhill to a town where you sleep. Next day, climb up again, and start the process all over again. Day three was a little different as it began with a long steep climb up.

I made that climb slowly without stopping with a big Canadian named Jonathan. He noticed my Stratford shirt the day before and asked about it. I asked him later if I could draw him, toothpick drawing.

But at the top of the climb, he sat down,. I  said, " I really enjoyed making that climb with you." I was always behind him, the exact same pace, and we never stopped. It was the first time he had done that. About 20 minutes of steep climbing. He was very proud to have done it.

He was also fast on the downhill, where I am not, because of my knees.

It was our last big climb - 2 days ago - and now days of walking on the flat.

Tomorrow we reach our half way point.

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