Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camino: Santiago de Compostela -THE DAY WE GOT IT ALL!!!!!!!

July 28, Sunday
I was awakened by my daughter at 7:30 am. This was my day to have "a lie in", as my husband would say.

She was filled with loud talking, teacher volume; and, I didn't even realize it was her. "Maybe the maid," I thought as I heard the door unlocking.

I was supposed to meet Carey at the 10:30 mass. Monica and I were in the cathedral around that time, but I didn't see Carey. A group of monks were singing what I call "the pre-show".

I felt the pull of Carey's energy, but I didn't see her. Monica and I walked around, went to hug the Apostle, and then to the crypt for the relics. I'd done this the day before, but, it's not every day you get to hug an Apostle, and Monica had never done it at all, so we were going to do it again this morning. We wanted one more time to feel his broad shoulders and jewels and to see what he sees: the church, what all we mortals and pilgrim's are doing. He sees so much. Like the cathedral police doing crowd control.

Then we visited the relics, and I lit a row of electric candles for all the people I loved present and past.

I must have attended 4 masses hoping to see the Bontifumerio swing.  Monica had heard it would swing at noon. I was ready to leave, and she said she thought we should wait. There were no seats so we sat on the floor and waited, and the people just kept piling in.

Our persistance paid off. At the end of the mass, out came 6 men in maroon robes with scallop shells (could have been more). These guys are pilgrims first, and they apply for the job and get training on how to get the huge incense burner loaded, hoisted and swinging the length of the transcept.

Long term pilgrims are prone to moments of spontaneous crying, and that had already happened to me a couple of times that morning. This time it was a rush of feelings and tears. Happiness, awe, relief, who knows?

We felt this part of our pilgrimage complete.

We just had time to go back to Do Bispo for tapas and a drink, gather our bags into a taxi and get to the train station.

Photos: The men getting ready to hoist the incense burner, the burner resting after doing it's job, and the watchful eye of God.

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Anonymous said...

how I envy you. Following all your foot steps, hoping that your feet do not torment you much anymore.

Annie vanderven