Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camino: July 24, Santiago

We went to the 12 o'clock mass today hoping to see the Bontifumerio swing through the cathedral and spread a cloud of perfumed smoke. It didn't happen. Instead?, it swung at the 6:00 pm mass.

We here that it will swing at 10:30 mass tomorrow. I hopee so. It's St. James' feast day tomorrow. There was to be a light show on the cathedral and fireworks.

It was all cancelled because of a train wreck 10 minutes away. We are hoping that none of our pilgrim friends were on the train. 30 people were killed and 250 injured as of a few hours ago.

Very sad.

We were waiting in the square for the light show when we got the news. We sat with Father Ken (on the left) who we'd met along The Way. He's a great, very down to earth, funny priest. He was one of 22 priests from around the world up on the altar today.

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