Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Camino: my latest foot problem.

Tuesday, July 16???

On Sunday, I got this nasty nail problem on the long downhill from the highest spot on the camino. It was a several hour downhill over rocks, rocks and more rocks. All kinds, shapes and sizes, brutal.

Yesterday my toe really started to hurt after the first 7 km. We stopped at a bar for a coke, I took off my boot to look. Just happened the Camino red cross was just across the street. I hobbled over. No one spoke English. They were kind, had a look, put on some cream, bandaged it, gave me the cream and said nothing more they could do.

I tried putting my boot back on, but it hurt more now, so I took a taxi to Molinaseca, where we'd planned on stopping. Monica walked.

I got a room and iced my toe.

Today I walked 8 km in my boots, but in Villafranca, I said if I couldn't get sandals, it would be a taxi or bus for me.

I found comfy sandals and walked all day - about 25 km, but by the afternoon, my toe was throbbing a little.

Tomorrow we make a big climb into the mountains of Galicia. I hope I can do it in these sandals.

I'm on that lower bunk right now. Out the kitchen window is yet another castle ruins, and the half moon is gorgeous! Good night..


Ray said...

I finally caught up with you on the blog and am sorry to read about the foot problem. Hang in there, rest if you need to, take a bus if you need to, but you can do it! You survived India three times and a lot on this walk so far and you know you have inner reserves. I am so in awe of what you are doing and send love and strengthfull thoughts to you from Ohio

GenoaDeb said...

Why are you doing this again?