Monday, July 15, 2013

Camino: Day 30, July 13, Saturday - part 1

OH MY! What aLuke and Abby decided to walk at their own pace to Rabanal del Camino. It was nice to walk with Monica, and my feet felt great.

When we stopped for second breakfast we met Eddie from Naples. He is 17, and very handsome and well mannered. He was having some difficulty with his feet. The owner of the cafe told him to wear his sandals. Monica heard the problem, planters fascitis. She had been treated for this a few weeks ago, and she treated Eddie. He was as amazed as she had been. He could walk again. We ran into him at each town when we stopped for a Coke or food.

And we ran into him at the Cowboy Bar. It was there we started to walk the last 7.6 km together. Rabanal was to be the end of the day, but we decided to walk to the next town, Foncebadon to be fresh when we started our steep climb up to the highest point on the entire Camino route: 1535 meters.

The climb seemed easier than we expected. We had had several practice hills the day before to remind our legs and feet what hills were like.

The reward at the top is the Cruz de Ferro, where you leave a stone or some other token. It's one of the highlights of The Way. Well, we wanted to make up some time, and also be there to see sunrise. So after a rest, we continued. Eddie found his friend, and they were also walking, but faster than we could.

It had been an interesting walk through small villages, some almost dead, some getting new life thanks to the pilgrim traffic.

One village reminded me of Irish ruins.

It was around 4 pm when we started climbing through rolling terrain covered with beautiful pines, foxglove, pink blooming heath, small leaf oaks, ferns and more. Mother Nature is the best gardener of all.

I remembered being impressed with the clouds, and hearing distant thunder and knew it was raining quite a distance from us.

We certainly had a lovely walk for about 4.6 km. One might say we savored it.

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